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Take it All (Vampire

And now for something completely different.

Take it all

Fandom: VtM (Columbus in Darkness)
Characters: Spyke Theresa Miller
Genre: personal horror
Warnings: Oh god it’s Theresa (Transphobic slurs and death threats)  

Bold motherfucker
Don't you limit your mind
Can't you see that the message
Have fallen behind
All the hate in your heart
Will be leaving you blind!
The Coyote was in a foul mood. Spyke could feel It writhe as she woke from her new home in Delaware. It was hungry for something, something violent. Spyke shoved It deep inside of her for now, ignoring Its cries of hunger and madness. Spyke was also in a bad mood after finding out that A) Theresa Miller was back in Columbus and B) That she wrote her lover an audio letter. Which she listened too while she was at William’s while he worked. It made The Coyote growl and thirst. It wanted to tear that woman or…that she-male to shreds, all because she dared to drag William into her delusions. She was gonna give her a warning, a sharp one to stay away from her lover. Lest, the fangs brace her neck, hopefully the dumb tranny would catch the message.

Theresa didn’t know why she was back in Columbus, but as the campus night life lit up the streets and the hustle of the students weave around her, she found it so natural to move among them as she headed towards the Blood and Whiskey tavern. William was serving the typical fair of budlight, miller and sarcasm. Without missing a beat, she waved gleefully at the wild eyed Gangrel. William stopped cold in his tracks as he made eye contact. He didn’t say a word to her, but a look of shock and frustration fell on his face before he made a gesture to his patrons that he was gonna be out back. Theresa stood confused as William left without saying even a cheerful ‘how do you do’. Rude. Theresa rationalized that he had to deal with other matters as she found a spot at the bar. Golconda was something that she was lucky to have achieved and while she pity for the lost souls that struggled under the shadow of most deprived. She felt lofted, and untouchable. Fear? She had none as she sipped a Dr. Pepper coolly watching various patrons sift in and out. She however felt a pair of eye on her neck. Not having Auspex she couldn’t tell who was behind her but as she got up to call her sister in the alley, she knew she was being followed. She turned around to look at a pair of gleaming hungry eyes. Spyke.
“Oh ah! You scared me Spyke, I didn’t know you came down here…fancy find you here of all places?” she said trying to be friendly, but she could feel it snarl and seethe in Spyke. The Beast was awake and alive and hungry. Suddenly the feeling of enlightenment she had before was drowned out by the horror darkness. It occurred to her now that none of her physical disciplines could protect her and Spyke could slaughter her left and right. William should be back right? He can tell her to bug off….right? She took a step back. She was for the first time…tongued tied. Her eyes widen when Spyke showed her the audio tape. How did she get it!?
“That-That was for William how did you-“
“Shut it” interrupted Spyke in her low drawl. Her tail twitched as it was tucked in her jeans, she crossed the gap between them and flashed a predator’s grin. “I heard that shit you sent to William, found few months ago. You’re a piece of work. You think you can smooze your she-male ass on my man. Fuck you.” She gaped at Spyke as she felt a wave of death from her. The walking corpse looked at Theresa the same way her coyotes looked at roadkill. She was hungry and desperate, and Theresa walked right into her trap.
“Your man? You and William are….wait when did-“ She jumbled her words together shocked that William and Spyke were a couple, this had to be some sort of evil mind control. William…wouldn’t love something as feral as the coyote girl. She jerked her head in time to see William walk out, hazel eyes tired and drawn.
“Spyke let her go. This isn’t your problem.” He said his voice serious but tired.
“Oh thank Jesus you’re here, I don’t understand what is going on. What is this about you-“ he cut her off.
“Theresa get out of here. You shouldn’t be here at all, I don’t even know why you are in Columbus especially with the Cam lurkin’ in every shadow.”
“I just wanted to tie up some loose ends.” She tried to explain, but she didn’t even see Spyke grabbing her neck and thrusting her against the brick. She scrambled to get free, but Spyke chuckled. “Guess that Golconda shit makes you weak and flimsy-like. William go back inside take care of your guests, I’ll take out the trash for you love.” William sighed loudly as she turned and leave despite Theresa’s cries for him to stay. The horror dawned on her that William wasn’t as kind as she though he was. Not as forgiving.
“Right so now that you’re human and shit. I guess I can kill you outright can I? Well alright then, don’t be too sore Terry, better by my claws than Prince Narbe’s” She didn’t have time to respond to that statement and everything went black. She didn’t even have time to piss herself.


“Don’t worry I cleaned up the mess, got Jet eatin’ her corpse.” Spyke said smoothly as she played with the shot glasses an hour later. William said nothing but gave her a look. “I shouldn’t have to that but Keeper’s orders.” Spyke laughed. “Yeah Bastion told us to…tie up some loose ends.” She cackled at that not before William shivering. “Ugh I had no idea she was actually a man.” Spyke clapped a hand on his shoulder and whispered.
“Dun worry love, I am all woman…” she said leading him into the back room.

Somewhere in a ditch, Theresa was being eaten by coyotes and all manners of wildlife. Somewhere….she could hear the devil laughing. Or was it…Coyote himself.


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Clan Notes: Green Flames

Clan Green Flame

Climate: Eastern most part of the world in dense forests
Clan Structure: The Green Flame dia and its two other ji clans are unique compared to the dia in drakkhani society. Why? Because they are the only dia groups that practice and heavily encourage the use of magic and magical craft.

These drakkhani inhabit forests east ward of the Kalijani and their territories. This was once high elf territory but over the centuries is became inhabited by wood or arboreal elves which are much more feral than the more ‘domesticated’ mountain elves. It’s also home to wild wood dragons, the only species of dragon that has not been hunted down to extinction, save the tundra wyrms of the far north where the Wintervale live.

The Green Flame has two other ji families that branch off from the main family. The Malachite dia lives north east while the Jade Claws live south of them. The Jade Claws often share territory with the monokiri or unicorn fauns that inhabit the woodlands. They trade with them often gaining materials that most other sapient races in Roannorra can’t obtain legally (hair, chips of alicorn…).

As previously stated they are clan of mages. While in general the clan operates much like a typical drakkhani dia (children are raised communally, there is a council of elders, and they migrate) however unlike the animistic traditions of most dia, these clans study high and ceremonial magic. The operate schools teaching elf and human alike on elemental spell casting. There are three main schools that they run. The main family teaches basic conjuration and elemental working. Jade Claws are more like druids. They use elemental magic to care for gardens, and use herbal working. Malachite is more ceremonial mages they use alchemy to enchant weapons and armor. They are also the only clan that writes down their tomes and spell working in the Common language; they often trade these books with human mage collages for their materials and spells. Their school have been regarded the hub of the magical world. Many young magicians and mages educate themselves by venturing to the Malachite school to hone their skills.

However there is a dark side. The Malachite often preforms human sacrifices. These are never witnessed outside of their main aerie and very few humans know about it. These sacrifices are a great honor to some humans who are often raised to be an offering to the High Goddess. The humans raised to be sacrifices are always orphans and are willing offerings.

The Green Flames have blue eyes and deep green to sage green skin. The have brown striping down their backs and arms; also they have bifurcated tails. A unique anomaly for drakkhani; horns and talons are dark yellow hair is brown or black. They also wear clothing, because of the various races they teach. It’s a not out of modesty but an act of comfort to the other races. In their own private aeries they are unclothed as usual. Their emblem is a green flame with a pentacle in the middle. Jade Claws have three flames and the Malachite have a seven pointed star instead of a pentacle in their flame.

The name Green Flame is play on their magic. The can use a spell to turn their fire breath, green for a short period of time.

Clan allies and foes: They are tense with the Sunwings west of them. But have decent relations with Glasswings. They are not fond of mountain elves but will educate wood elves and humans. They are not fond of human warriors.

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Drakkhani anger displays

Xenoanthropologists have been recording several basic behaviors that are considered anger displays. Gestures that denote aggression, dominance or fear and are separate from the language of Drakk. These are all subconscious reactions that drakkhani do unaware. Much like how humans cross their arms or frown when angry. Many of these behaviors are unique to drakkhani and often hard to recognized by humans as signs of anger or fear.

Drakkhani can show annoyance very typical manners that humans display. Eye rolling is one of them as well as scoffing. However drakkhani have a few behaviors that are a bit different.

Eyelid flicking
If a drakkhani flicks their third eyelid, it usually means irritation or frustration. It's like a human blinking in surprise. It's often means "What? What? Huh?". Some scientists think it's like their version of eyerolling since that behavior was thought to be adopted by anthromophication.

Tail slapping
A drakkhani tapping their tail is another annoyance gesture. Like a human tapping their food. It also means impatience.

Snorting without steam
It's their way of sighing. A snort comes off as annoyed or irritated. Some biologist think it's also their way of also cleaning out mucus that can tar up their breathing passages. Congestion can be dangerous.

Horn shaking
A gesture signifying frustration and agitation. It's also a start of a threatening behavior.

Drakkhani have a library of gestures for anger and dominance. Here are a few.

Flashing of fangs
A quick smile is a dangerous and imposing. "Don't mess with me, I am in a FOUL mood" it says. A slow grin is less dangerous, though drakkhani show happiness with chittering and close mouth smiles. If a drakkhani flashes his fangs he giving someone a warning. This is commonly following horn shaking

Low hissing follow by snorting with steam\
Drakkhani snorting with steam is another anger gesture. Signalling that yes, I can breath fire. Hissing follows most of the time. Rarely would drakkhani growl oddly enough.

Clicking the back teeth quickly
"Back off! Go away" it's another warning behavior. It's often relayed with other fear behaviors than anger.

Flaring of wings
"FUCK OFF NOW!" It also says "LOOK HOW BIG I AM DON'T FUCK WITH ME" if a drakkhani flares his wings after several warning gestures. It's a bad sign. He will often breath fire or charge.

However, during the mating season, it also says. "Look how hot and sexy I am, I am big and strong, will you be my mate?" It's been concluded as dominance gesture.

Rage or Wrath
These behavior show and enraged drakkhani. Most of these have been observed and relayed by a distance.

Flame bursts
"YOU'RE DEAD" A drakkhani breathing short tongues of flame is an aggression warning. Next you'll be barbecued. Breathing it upwards however is something else 'THIS PLACE IS MINE SEE! I CLAIM IT."

A challenge of war, often following fire bursts and before charging.

Flapping wings
This is actually a fear gesture, but drakkhani make this gesture when they know they are losing a fight.

Exposing one's phallus or clitoris
Scientists have been arguing about this for years. They have concluded from interviews and observation that the exposure of genitals is not sexual, one out dominance. Turns out that drakkhani when release a scent that is very overwhelming and musky when exposing the phallus or vulva. This often turns drakkhani way and makes then stand down. It's a warning and act of dominance.

Fear and Submission

Bowing head exposing the neck
"Ok I give up" it's defeat and relenting.

All fours head down
Same meaning stronger intensity "I am REALLY sorry"

Scratching with the feet
This is a fear gesture. It's says "NO! Leave me alone"

Curling wings around oneself
Hatchings do this behavior the most. It's a protective one. One that is replaced later by flaring.

Flying away
This is pretty obvious as a fear gesture when in combat.

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More on Drakk (nouns and gender)

Because language among the drakkhani is fluid and moving. Speaking Drakk is full body experience. One that can only be truly spoken with ear wiggles and clicking and growling. Here are a few nouns and some language rules.

Masculine and Feminine nouns

Drakk has very fluid gender in their language. A simple click or bah-to changes the gender of the noun. Most nouns however are neuter and lack a gender. Only nouns denoting a social class or a person have genders. Drakk has three distinct.

Word word genders
Male (Bj)
None (Ju)

Words with those sounds within them often denote the gender of the word. The only word that doesn't need that is "person" Jji. Jji is a fluid word that attached to another word or bah-to can mean any gender (eiojji) means "woman" or "egg layer" jjikati mean means "little sister". Jjibja means "little brother". Here is sentence example using jji

Example: English The clan has many women.
Drakk *short whistle* T'a dia pdd hu eio*click*jji*nod*

Bah-to in the start of the sentence is more like punctuation. It denotes the start of a sentence, the nod at the ends it. The word for person is "Drakhjji" DraKAHchi which then became "Drakkhani. The double K was the result of human influence and it has stayed. It roughly translates into Dragon People. Sometimes the word Drakh,refers to mountains than drakkhani. Which makes sense since the word for human and elf are refer to places. Human means "Plains people" Juajji elf means "Forest people" Silvjji. Later the word elf became "Silvi" a shorten version of the full drakk word. Now Jji is what drakkani use to denote a person. I or self is jj.

In regards to words that denote gender like mother or father they change from the "Bj" and "Ka" sounds. For instance the words Babitah means father. Replace "babi" with "maji" and you would have Majitah. Shorten both words babi and maji you have the diminutives, "daddy" and "mommy".

Here are few sentence to showcase each gender.

examplesEnglish: She broke her new spear.
Drakk *short whistle* nusuu ka trai srukka*teeth clack* *nod* (NU-soo KAH TRAH ser-RUK-kah)
Once again the bah-to at the end and beginning punctuates. The bah-to at sruk makes the "spear" instead of staff since they are the same word without the bah-to.

English He broke his new spear.
Drakk *short whistle* nusuu bj trai srukbj*teeth clack* *nod* (NU-soo BIJ TRAH se-RUK-bij)
The noun "spear" has the sounds "bj" and "ka" added to it, to show gender. Ka and Bj are also used as pronouns.

Here is a sentence that used the Ju or jj sound.
English They have many spears.
Drakk *short whistle* jj'te pdd*hiss* hu srukju*teeth clack**nod* (CHI-teh PITH HU ser-RUK-woo)

To denote a collective noun in a group jj is paired with 'te to show a collective ('te can also show other collective words like "us" "them" and "you plural") using a netural gender is common for sentences that show groups of people.


You yr ER
We nna NAH
Them naa'te NAH-TEH
US yaa YAH
You All yr'te ER-TEH
They jj'te CHUH-TEH

Will continue how bah-to denotes and changes verbs later

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Clan Notes: Blue Fangs

Clan Name Blue Fangs

Climate Marshes and thick swampy areas

Clan Structure Xenoanthropologists have been studying the dense Southern Swamp for several decades. It's a massive ecological wonderland, with various species of animal and plants adapted for this unique environment. Many species of plants have been recorded that acted as a evolutionary links between their cousins up north. Blue Fangs have been a similar missing link.

Getting data from the Blue Fang dia has been very laborious. Naturally aggressive towards humans the only race they will keep contact outside of their own is oddly elves this is unusual as most of the drakkhani people have a long standing grudge against them. But the Blue Fangs lack that lingering hate among the, this was perfect for a mountain elf named Lichen Twobranch, a senior xenoanthropologist who took root with the dia and has been studying them ever since.

According to Dr. Twobranch, the Blue Fangs showed many vestigial behaviors and xenobiologist Dr Cranefeather, have had the honor of dissecting one and noticed a vestigial organ that dragons originally had several million years ago. This was a major fine in the field of xenobiology. Humans have been wondering for ages what caused the split between Draco Magnificant and Alfir Dracis. Many scientists have had several theories, many include a more scientific look at the drakkhani creation myth. One scientist suggested that drakkhani might not be related to elves at all, but were at one point some sort of synapsid, that was a kind of proto-dragon that moved on a different evolutionary path. The only reason they have similar genes and traits with the alfir species is because of a recent connection that caused that link-up. However, we're getting of topic.

The Blue Fangs have some left-overs from their prehistoric days making them the oldest dia known. They are considered backwards by most clans and thus, they are not well liked by most clans. However the main problem is not because of their “backwards” culture but because of their relationship with elves. This ends up being a major problem for most drakkhani because their own personal feud.

The clan practice many traditions that are very much the same as their cousin clans. However some traditions are considered “barbaric” by most of the northern dias. One of them is a from of ritualized mounting during the rut. A young man is held down as an older male grinds up from behind. This is only lasts a second and there is no phallus being exposed, never the less though most clans find this cruel and obscene. Humans on the other hand wonder if this was a proto-behavior done by dragons. A form of dominance mating. No one knows for sure.

Survival in the Blue Fangs is tough, they live in a dangerous world with swamp-wyrms massive river whales and sharks. They are not the top predators and live on a knife's edge. Most hatchlings do not survive until adulthood among the Blue Fangs, because of this, most hatchlings are supervised by older members of their creh until they are big enough to deal with the super predators.

The Blue Fang's emblem is the great fish, a staple among their dia, their main phenotype is green with sage mottling, they have fins in their head and tail horns are gray and they have brown eyes and hair. Common mutations have been, over bites and webbing. They are the only clan that have wings meant for both flight and swimming.

Clan allies and foes Most clans do not tangle with the Blue Fangs however it has been observed that they have some loose ties with the Greenflame and Sunwings.

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Clan Notes: Downgust

Clan Name Downgust

Climate heavy mountainous regions and volcanic ridges

Clan Structure This dia is rather small, and like the Wintervale and the Sunwings they are skittish. However they are remarkable archers and skilled at hunting and tracking. They are the rangers of the Drakkhani people and make wonderful guides.

Living on the volcanic ridges prove to be successful for the Downgust. They share the territory with storm trolls, wild unicorn fauns and mountain elves. The volcanic ridge that they live on is often call the Dragon's Back by the elves for the various volcanoes that dot the area. Most of them are still active only one is extinct and that is the aerie for the Downgust.

Their clan is very typical for drakkhani society, however there is one difference. Females are often the warriors of the clan and are the primary rangers of the Downgust. They often leave the aerie during fall and serve the neighboring caravans by acting as guides through the treacherous mountains. The have a working relationship with humans and a very distant one with the mountain elves however they work well with the storm trolls that lurk around the deep crags.

They are fierce warriors and resourceful mountain-folk, they are the only drakkhani dia to have tamed highland gryffins as companions. The rangers often have them as working animals to guide the human nomads that live up north. Highland gryffins are part snowy-owl and lynx, they are clever and silent hunters. Many rangers have deep love for the taigas and deep forests, they are sensitive to their changes, especially shamans who are more like druids in the Downgust.

Downgust farm winter wheat and rice in the volcanic soil. They are the only clan that regurlarly trades with the storm trolls. Trolls often supply the clan with metals to forge and craft weapons with. In return the Downgust give the trolls tuu'ji a kind of liquor harvested from elderberries. Highly potent and a favorite of the trolls. They also learned from them to make specialized bows and arrows for the heavy storms that ravage the Dragon's Back. The Downgust and Stormwake clans often share territories, it's not uncommon for the Downgust to work with the Stormwake families. Their emblem is the tree descending arrows represent their arching and ranger-work. They have gray skin, amber eyes with dark blue horns. Hair is always white.

Clan allies and foes
They are fond of the storm trolls Stormwake and have a good relationship with the Wintervale if they head down south. They are cross with the Rautaun and very tense with the Yu'Taka.